The world of Kedrin.

Kedrin Likness started her crochet business in 2007 after friends who had received her designs as gifts encouraged her to contact some local stores. What started as one line (attagirl by kedrin) has now grown into three distinct lines under the brand Kedrin.

Attagirl by kedrin is an affordable line of fall/winter accessories for girls and women.

Bro‚ÄĘchet focuses on men and boys, bringing quirky colorful accessories to their cold weather wardrobe.

Hazel & Haverly is a luxury line strongly influenced by Kedrin's grandmothers (Hazel Maxine Likness and Alma Haverly Anderson) and her love of the fashion of the early 1900s.

Kedrin is proud to collaborate with a group of Amish women to produce her designs - always handmade and always local.